Queen Novelty Beverage Napkins

Queen Novelty Beverage Napkins
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Crown beverage napkins Queen party supplies Queen Gifts Queen novelty beverage napkins

"If Women Ruled The World" fun beverage napkins, perfect for your next girlfriend party. 4 different style crowns, 2 each of eight different sayings, 3 ply paper printed with eco friendly dyes, 16 napkins packaged in clear plastic box. Also makes great hostess gift. Sayings are:

(1) The term menopause would be menyoubetterpause! (2) Scales would have two measurements: skinny jeans/fat jeans. (3) The stick figure "walk signs" would have curves. (4) 10:55 foreplay, 11:20 foreplay, 12:15 foreplay. (5) PMS would be a legal defense in court. (6) Toilet seats would not go up. (7) Men would drive the minivan women would get the fun little care. (8) Men would say things like "Let's just sit and talk, " "I'd better pull over and ask for firections" and "I'm sorry." If you only order 1-2 packs napkins we will send First Class mail if possible and refund to your method of payment

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