Walk Softly And Wear A Tiara

 Walk  Softly And Wear A Tiara
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Walk Softly And Wear A Tiara How to behave like a princess, queen or royalty

Theodore Roosevelt said "Speak softly and carry a big stick" I say "Walk softly and wear a tiara" To me all of us belong to the Sisterhood and we are all Princess's, Queen's, Goddess's and Diva's and we should be treated like the royalty we are. Some of us can get a little testy but make sure you do it with style.

This is how I stay royal and classy:

Always walk with your head held high and be confident. Confident not demeaning.

In relationships remember you are a gift and that's the way you should be treated. I know some of us in the Sisterhood love hard, make sure your partner is worthy.

Always smile and be pleasant, remember there are some that are not as fortunate as you, and your smile could brighten their day.

Create a cache: make sure your stationery, license plate holder, dinner ware, flat wear, key rings, coat hooks are either shaped, monogrammed or have emblems that are crowns or Tiara's. The choices are endless.

When you invite your friends to tea or girls night out make sure you display your Tiara or Crown motif in your decorations and favors.

Have a girls night out and you all wear tiara's

My daughter (the princess) just bought a key for her front door from "Keys To My Castle" it is shaped like a crown.

The Princess also found a doorbell shaped like a crown for her front door from the "Doorbell Factory".

Never ever settle for less than you deserve as the song goes "I Am Woman Hear Me Roar"

Last but not least always act and dress like a lady.

"Some Girls Were Just Born With Glitter In Their Veins" Paris Hilton


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