I Don't Need to Have Children I Date Them Book

I Don't Need to Have Children I Date Them Book
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Karen Salmansohn knows that men are just larger, hairier boys, with more expensive toys.

Illustrated with glee by Gary Baseman, I Don't Need to Have Children, I Date Them is essential humor for contemporary women. First, it proves the similarity between big boys and little boys. Consider: Both share a major breast fixation. Both have trouble dressing themselves. Both think The Three Stooges are funny. And both love to be told, You are . . . soooo big! But this is a reason to celebrate, not fret; once you master a little child psychology, you can fix any boo-boos in your relationship. It's all a matter of nifty tricks, like Food and rest can solve most problems and Never ask questions your boy can reject.

Because boys will be boys. Even when they're grown men. 96 pages.

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