Right Left Game For High Heel Shoe Theme Party

Right Left Game For High Heel Shoe Theme Party
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Directions: Form a circle standing or sitting. Each time you hear any form of the word Right pass the prize to the person on your right. When you hear any form of the word Left pass the prize to the person on your left. When you finish the story the person holding the prize is the winner of the prize.

Depending on the size of the group you could have more than one prize. Start by giving the prize(s) to players at different points in the circle and read the following story.

This is a story about Dana Wright. Dana Wright lives right at the end of leftfield Rd. She occupies a cute little bungalow which happens to be the 3rd house on the right if you're turning left onto her street from the main highway. Dana Wright woke up right at the crack of dawn shaking uncontrollably, she had been dreaming of shoes. Dana Wright knew right then and there she had some serious shoe shopping to do. Dana Wright got up from the right side of her bed and looked in her shoe closet. She looked to the left and to the right and thought to herself "Do I really need to go shoe shopping right now?" And of course her answer was a resounding yes.

Dana Wright left her house right at 9:30 and headed right for her favorite shoe store that carried all of the brands she loved. While driving she got turned around and turned left when she should have turned right. Unfortunately for Dana Wright the street that she turned left on forced her to detour to the left due to street construction. As a result she ended up making a series of left hand turns. Luckily Dana Wright recognized a street that she knew would put her right back on track so she made a sharp right turn at the first corner and another right turn at the next intersection. Dana Wright had escaped the left hand turn maze and once again was right on track to her shoe store destination.

Dana Wright pulled right in front of the shoe store and left her keys with the left handed valet. She entered the store and headed right for her favorite salesperson, Lefty Wrightwood. According to Lefty, his name was bestowed upon him because both of his parents were left handed. Lefty greeted her with a smile and lead her right to the Jimmy Choo display to check out the latest designs. Dana Wright tried on a pair of Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals but for some reason they did not fit her just right.

Dana Wright tried on Gucci, Prada, Stuart Weiztman, and many more they were either too wide, tight, high or low none of the shoes fit her just right. Dana Wright had never had this problem before and grew quite weary so she abruptly left the shoe store and left a pile of all the shoes she had tried on right in the middle of the floor. Lefty Wrightwood caught up with her and reassured her that he would call her right up when a new shipment of shoes arrived. Dana gave Lefty a weak smile and handed her valet parking ticket to the left handed valet, which happened to be Lefty Wrightwood's cousin Bob Wrightwood.

This is strange she thought maybe this is not the right day for me to buy shoes so she decided to go right home. As Dana Wright took her car keys from the left handed valet, she turned left to leave and saw Pamela Lefton and Gina Wrightwing to her left standing on the left side of the store. She told them right then and there about her failed shoe shopping trip. Gina Wrightwing and Pamela Lefton said to Dana Wright "We know just the right store for you."

Let's go right now said Dana Wright. Pamela Lefton got in the car from the left side and Gina Wrightwing got into the car from the right side. Gina Wrightwing gave Dana Wright directions and they ended up right in front of Payless Shoes. Dana Wright immediately asked "Is this the right store? Did I make a right turn instead of a left turn?" Pamela Lefton responded by saying "This the right store now let's go right on in girlfriend." Pamela Lefton got out of the left side and Gina Wrightwing got out of the right side of the car.

Once inside the store Pamela Lefton and Gina Wrightwing explained "We come here all the time and always find the right shoes". Pamela Lefton explained her right foot was larger than the left so she buys 2 pairs of the same shoe in different sizes and they fit just right. Gina Wrightwing explained because of the bunion on her left foot she does the same thing. All Dana Wright could think was "Bizarro".

Dana Wright was skeptical and thought "Am I being punked" she looked right and left expecting to see Ashton Kutcher and a camera crew at any moment. Dana panned the store looking to the left and the right at all the shoes and nodded her head thinking everything looked nice. She then looked to her right and noticed big smiles on the faces of her friends Pamela and Gina. But Dana felt that something was not quite right.

Pamela Lefton and Gina Wrightwing were trying on shoes left and right. But the vibe still did not feel right to Dana. She thought I am not a snob, I just know the brands that fit my feet just right. Finally Dana Wright said "I'm right here I might as well try on a pair." She selected a pair and tried them on but the left shoe was too tight. She looked closer and realized it was not the right mate. She looked through the racks and found the right mate and the shoes fit just right, she tried on pair after pair and they all felt like a dream. DREAM Dana Wright thought that's what this is, it's a Shoe Lovers' worst nightmare.

Dana Wright shook herself right awake, leaped from the left side of her bed and ran to her shoe closet. She looked left and then right to make sure everything was alright and nothing had changed. She even pinched her left cheek to make sure she was wide awake and not still dreaming.

We are right at the end of our story but don't despair who ever is left holding the prize is the right winner.

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