Shoe Theme Party Ideas High Heel Shoe Party Shoe Theme Party Decorations

Shoe Theme Party Ideas High Heel Shoe Party Shoe Theme Party Decorations
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Shoe Theme Party Ideas High Heel Shoe Party Shoe Theme Party Decorations

These ideas are nice for a girlfriend gathering, tea, birthday party, Bridal shower or just because you adore shoes. Find some suggestions below to make your shoe themed party memorable and fun.


If you are sending invitations make sure you use shoes as your theme. There are many pre-printed and printable invitations available on the internet. Shoe themed Stickers can also be used on your envelopes and or invitations. Put shoe confetti inside the card, so when it is opened it sets the tone for your party, also looks great as table decoration.

If you are mailing your invitations you can buy shoe theme postage stamps, you can find stores that carry many designs on the internet.

Your invitation can also be an actual shoe. Be sure to check your local craft store or internet for shoes made of wire, card board, paper mache, or plastic in different sizes. These can be adorned with glitter, crystals, beads and other items. Have party information printed on paper and cut to size to fit inside the shoe.


If you plan to play games make sure that your prizes are shoe related.
See our Shoe Lover page for more gift, games and favor ideas .

Request each guest bring a new pair of shoes from flip flops to pumps and donate them to charity after the party. These same shoes can be used to play games...Example: mix all the shoes in a pile and see who matches the most shoes while blindfolded. Another game suggestion is to guess the brand name of the shoe each person is wearing. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Ask each person to bring one hand decorated shoe in a bag. Have each guest put their bag on the shoe judging table. Select 3 judges and mix up the bags up on the table. Gently worn shoes can be purchased from Goodwill for this game. Unveil the shoes and allow the judges to select best decorated shoe for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes.

See our Right Left Shoe game . This is a fun interactive game.


Go to your local fabric store, fabric wholesale center or search the internet and purchase shoe theme fabric. Your theme fabric can be used to make chair pads or covers, napkins, tablecloths, and so on. Sprinkle shoe confetti on plain tablecloths this is a quick and easy decorating idea.

Hang from the ceiling cardboard shoe cut outs, these can be found at your local craft center or the internet.

Purchase a shoe pinata, they are some really funky styles available. Even if you do not fill it you can use it for decoration or a centerpiece.

Have a shoe cake made or serve shoe shaped cookies
or sandwiches. Cookie cutters come in different shapes and are available at most craft stores. Serve cupcakes and use our high heel shoe cupcake baking cups .

If you are using a menu make up names for the dishes and drinks you are serving using brand name shoes ie: Nine West Pasta Salad, Jimmy Choo Meatballs, and my favorite Stiletto Martinis

Empty shoes boxes can hold Paper goods, or snacks etc, just line the box properly.

For a CenterPiece you can use wire, ceramic or plastic shoes they range in size from 2-24 inches or larger. These can be found at your local craft, flower shop or internet. These wire shoes can be painted, decorated and filled with flowers to suit your taste.

For a Centerpiece you can also use real shoes if you go to stores like Payless and catch a sale or if you have barely worn shoes. These shoes can be decorated or not to suit your taste.

Each guest can have a name tag, make sure the names are shoe related. Such as "Old Lady In The Shoe", "Payless Shoes", "Imelda Marcos" "Shoe Whore" use your imagination, the name tags could also be shaped like a shoe.

If you are giving out favors make sure they are shoe related.

Among shoe and bootmakers the legends, the traditions, and the history really begin with St. Crispin. St. Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers. Since medieval times, October 25th has been celebrated as St. Crispin's Day and the Shoemaker's Holiday. In the past, boot and shoemakers traditionally closed their shops on this day, in celebration and commemoration.

Remember... you are the hostess with the mostest and no matter how small your event is you can make it special.