Who Is The Ring Bearer?

Who Is The Ring Bearer?
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By Tyra Renee of Tyrabelle Designs

Typically the Ring Bearer is a young boy between the ages of three and ten. This young child can be a close relative or the son or daughter or niece or nephew of a close friend. In recent years, many twists have occurred in the category of ring bearer. With so many people taking on the role of “Pet Parent”, the thought of exchanging vows without their four-legged “children” partaking in the ceremony is totally unthinkable. Many Pet Parents are incorporating their pets into the ceremony by bestowing the position of ring bearer unpon them. I know this for a fact because I have have created both ring bearer pillows and bridal dog leashes to accommodate furry ring bearer pillow carriers. Girls can also serve as ring bearers as well.

What Is His/Her Role?

Okay, this one isn’t to hard……The Ring Bearer's primary responsibility is to carry the wedding rings on a ring bearer pillow down the aisle. Once the ring bearer has made it down the aisle, he/she should approach the maid of honor and the best man so that they can receive the wedding rings.

If a pet is the ring bearer, the individual escorting the animal down the aisle should remove the rings and give the best man the bride’s wedding ring and give the maid of honor the groom’s wedding ring.Make sure that the escort is someone that can handle the dog, should it become excited or want to veer off into the pews.

The rings should be tied securely to the pillow, using the ribbons attached to the ring bearer pillow.

Standing Position

The Ring Bearer walks down the aisle immediately after the Flower Girl before the Bride. Sometimes he/she walks with the Flower Girl.

Traditionally the ring bearer stands in front of the of the best man. If the ring bearer is to young, then he or she should sit with his or her parents during the ceremony.

If the person escorting the four-legged ring bearer down the aisle is female, the escort and the ring bearer will stand with the bride’s attendants. If the escort is male, he and the ring bearer will stand with the groomsmen.

The Ring Bearer and The Rehearsal

Although the Ring Bearer attends the Rehearsal he/she does not attend the Rehearsal Dinner.

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