Giving Wine As A Hostess Gift

Giving Wine As A Hostess Gift
Giving Wine As A Hostess Gift
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Giving wine as a hostess gift, hostess gift ideas

I have received so many bottles of wine as hostess gifts it is criminal. The criminal part is I donít drink wine. So why do people feel they have to give wine. Sometimes my feelings are hurt because I feel not much thought went into the gift or they are re-gifting. I donít have a problem with re-gifting but re-gift to someone that will really appreciate the gift.

So for those of you who feel they must give wine here are some suggestions:

Know your host, does your host serve or drink wine? if not give something else.

Meals and drinks may be planned in advance so your wine may not be consumed. The host is not obligated to serve your wine.

if your host does serve and drink wine make sure you buy a wine that your host will enjoy because the wine may not be consumed at the event.

Call your host ask if there is anything you can bring. Then you can suggest wine and say Red, White, Sparkling Wine or Dessert wine. Go to your local Wine and Beverage store such as BevMo or Wine & Spirits. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you select a good wine based on your budget.

Always present your wine in a nice bag or box directly to your host.

If you don't know your host and you still want to take wine go to your local Wine store for advice. With so many grape varietals and different regions the staff can help you select a wine that will satisfy most.

If you donít know your host I would not bring wine. An alternative could be a nice bottle of Hard or Sparkling Cider which can be found at your local Wine and Beverage store. You could also bring guest soaps or towels, coffee or tea. Just think of nice things you would like to have when entertaining. If you know your host well bring a small favorite thing.

If you bring flowers it is important that they are already in a vase with water, you don't want your host running around trying find a vase etc.

Remember your hostess gift may not be used or consumed at the event as the host as already planned his or her party.

Cheers, Montana